What Is The Armory

The Armory is a complete and updated list of modded weapons and items that Masterlum has created for borderlands. All the weapons and items found on this site are ones of which are "better than average", most of which are going to have a high level. However, they have been created from base models that are obtainable in the game.. most of the weapons have damage multipliers. There are many weapons and items that can be created that are not worth listing on this site. However, if there is something that you wish to see on here or would personally like to have in your inventory just contact Masterlum on the contact page and he will do his best to provide.

Words from Masterlum,

I started creating weapons for Borderlands shortly after I purchased the game. After making a few weapons I began to move to class mods and shields and now I have an inventory that is sought after by most people who enjoy playing the game with semi legit weapons. I do have and use the "stock weapons" that have been modded to do outrageous damage by hxd.. however, I do not use those guns while playing through as I feel that it is a waste of good money spent. Why buy the game so you can just beat it in 2 days? Borderlands is an extremely long game if you play through the game the way it was meant to be played. Gearbox didn't spend all that time and money making a game so it can just be hacked apart by the players.. Id also like to state that I among other people feel that being able to use any type of modded items in Borderlands is a privilege that Gearbox has graciously given to us.. They could have just as easily taken it away from us completely. So in closing, please take the time to look through my inventory and if there is anything you would like to own, let me know. I can alway make any weapon or item for any level character. Enjoy my page and happy gaming.